About Garage Adviser

Our Founding Story

Founded by John Sloane, a seasoned garage door expert, Garage Adviser was born out of a simple yet profound need: empowering homeowners to address urgent garage door issues themselves. During his extensive career, John noticed a recurring theme—clients wanted to learn how to fix their garage doors promptly to avoid waiting for professional help, especially when they were pressed for time. This led to the inception of Garage Adviser, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting homeowners via phone or video call, available 24/7, to quickly and efficiently solve their garage door problems.

But Garage Adviser isn’t just about swift fixes. Our founder also recognized a growing interest among homeowners to transform their garages into more than just storage spaces. From home gyms and offices to music studios and cozy lounges, the possibilities seemed endless. With his deep understanding of garage dynamics, combined with formal training in home renovation and interior decor, John envisioned a service that would guide homeowners through the entire process of repurposing their garages—this vision shaped the second core function of our consultancy.

Founder’s Background

John Sloane brings over a decade of experience in installing and fixing garage doors, coupled with extensive knowledge gained through courses in home renovation and interior decor. Certified as a Remodeler Project Manager, John transitioned from hands-on installations to overseeing complete home remodeling projects, setting a solid foundation for Garage Adviser. His expertise now helps clients reimagine and revitalize their spaces to match their lifestyle needs.

Our Core Values

At Garage Adviser, we are driven by a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We understand that remodeling a garage is a significant investment, and our goal is to ensure that every client feels thrilled with the outcome. Integrity, transparency, and a relentless focus on quality are the pillars that uphold our mission to deliver unmatched value to our clients.

Meet the Team

Emily Carter

Role: Senior Consultant for Garage Repurposing and Interior Design
Job Description
With a rich background in interior design and space planning, Emily has been transforming spaces for over eight years. At Garage Adviser, she leads the creative division, helping clients reimagine their garages into functional and stylish areas. Her expertise in modern aesthetics and practical design ensures each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Emily’s approachable personality and keen eye for detail make her a favorite among clients looking to add a unique touch to their homes.

Linda Roberts

Role: Project Manager for Renovation and Compliance
Job Description
Linda’s extensive experience in project management and her thorough understanding of building codes and permit acquisition make her an invaluable asset to the Garage Adviser team. She coordinates all remodeling projects, ensuring they adhere to local regulations and are completed on schedule. Her meticulous attention to legal details and her proactive communication style keep projects smooth and stress-free for our clients. Linda’s commitment to precision and excellence aligns perfectly with our core values.

Mark Benson

Role: Head of Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Job Description
Mark brings over a decade of experience in mechanical engineering and a specialized knowledge of garage door mechanics to Garage Adviser. He oversees the technical support team, providing expert advice and DIY solutions for garage door repairs. Mark is known for his problem-solving skills and his ability to explain complex mechanisms in an understandable way, ensuring clients feel confident in tackling repairs themselves. His dedication to efficiency and effectiveness supports our mission of empowering homeowners.

Alex Johnson

Role: Customer Relations and Outreach Coordinator
Job Description
Alex specializes in customer service and public relations, bringing a warm and enthusiastic approach to Garage Adviser. He is the primary point of contact for new and returning clients, ensuring their experiences are positive from the initial consultation through to project completion. Alex’s ability to connect with clients and understand their needs helps personalize our services, fostering long-term relationships and reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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