Top 7 Best Bike Racks For Garage

Storing your bike in the garage ensures protection from harsh weather that can degrade it fast as well as avoiding theft. However, as a bike owner, I can admit that finding suitable space for all our bikes- we love riding bikes a lot – can be inconvenient. My garage is filled with lots of things, and I like to keep it organized. It isn’t an easy task, especially with the varying sizes, tires, frames, and types. Purchasing a garage storage lift was my first option. But that wasn’t enough to keep everything in place.

That’s where storage bike racks come in; they help in safe and convenient storage of bikes. Garage bike racks are stationary and are used mainly for storing, securing, or displaying bikes. Are you looking for a bike rack that blends seamlessly? Here are the top 7 best bikes racks for garage storage.

How to Choose the Best Bike Rack for Garage

Before I dive a little deeper into the reviews, here are the features I used to narrow down my choices to the models I have reviewed below. 

1. Security

Your bike should be secure from falling over. This factor ensures no rack I recommend falls short when it comes to storing your road companion safely.

2. Ease of installation

A good bike rack should be easy to install and use; that’s why I have included racks that require simple DIY installation. Besides, I have included those that come fully assembled and require minimal effort to use.

3. Value

The most optimal bike rack should offer great features, functionality, and the right balance of quality compared to the price you pay for it. I have included affordable and reasonably priced models that will provide you with excellent service.

4. Bicycle Friendliness

A good rack for your bikes should not cause cosmetic damage to your bikes. Instead, it should protect coatings and rubbers to prevent any damage to your bike.

5. Capacity

Another consideration for the bike racks is the maximum weight capacity it can accommodate. It is merely the load and number of bikes the bike rack can hold during storage.

Reviewing the Top 7 Best Bike Racks for Garage

1. Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

It’s an indoor bike storage rack made of powder-coated steel. This feature makes it durable, robust, and sturdy for storing multiple bikes. You can count on its proficient design because it makes it very suitable, not only for personal use but for professional use as well. Installing it is a breeze. You fix its bar using four screws to the wall and then place the monkey bars brackets.

After that, you can mount up to 6 bicycles vertically; it has a 200-pound weight limit. If you have a large family of riders, you will find it extremely advantageous in saving garage space.

During months in which you’re not riding bikes, it’s an excellent long-term solution for offering exceptional care and security in your garage. This is certainly one of the best bike racks for garage.

The only con I noticed is the small screws it comes with; you will have to get longer ones for better reliability.

2. TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack

tidygarage wall mounted bike rack: best bike rack for garage

The TidyGarage indoor bike storage rack is an excellent option if you’re not concerned about installing it permanently into your wall. The rack resembles a metal triangle made with flexible hooks on the lower side. Each hook grabs onto the front tire of your bike; you can have up to 6 bikes since it holds up to 300 pounds weight.

Of all the bikes racks in this review, I found this one to be suited if you have multiple heavy bikes. It’s made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames. Its durability, affordability, and ease of use are some of the pros that should motivate you to use it. Also, it can hold bikes with varying tire sizes as well as different frame configurations. The vinyl-coated hooks reduce cosmetic damage of your bikes, which helps to prevent wear and tear during storage.

Its main limitation is the challenge of getting all bikes onto the rack – especially heavy ones – when it’s fully loaded.

3. Dirza Indoor Bike Mount Rack

dirza indoor bike mount rack: best bike racks for garage

If you are looking for a minimalistic and affordable rack that’s comes fully assembled, the Dirza bike mount rack is an excellent solution for your needs. It’s a simple and plug-and-play storage rack. Using it involves lifting your bike’s front tire up against the wall, and then hooking the rack onto the frame of the front tire.

It features heavy-duty construction to ensure durability and a rubberized hook, which bolts on a wall with minimal DIY installation effort. It also comes with a small plate that keeps your bike’s tire from rubbing against your garage wall. Since it can hold up to 65 lbs, I recommend it if you don’t store many bikes.

Its main cons include;

  • It can mess your wall by making it dirty.
  • It doesn’t hold bikes as securely as other racks.
  • You have to lift your bike every time you want to store it.
  • It might not work with all tires, especially full width.

4. RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist

rad cycle bike hoist: best bike racks for garage

The RAD Products Bike rack is a unique garage bike storage that hoists your bike higher off the ground with less effort. Unhinging your motorcycle is made simpler and safer. It holds bikes of up to 75 pounds.

The rubber hooks are designed to prevent damage to your bike. Furthermore, for improved safety, it has a bike locking mechanism, a feature I appreciate and the reasons why it’s one of the best bike racks for garage. If you are deciding on getting the RAD cycle, I recommend going for one where the elevator is made with thicker rope. Also, look for parts that are made of aluminum to ensure it’s a rust-proof hoist.

When it comes to versatility, its pulley width is adjustable, which makes it essential for storing other gears like kayaks, once you decide to sell your bike.

5. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Canaletto Bike Gravity Stand

This storage rack is a wall leaning bike rack held by adjustable arms with a premium silver powder coat finish that gives it an elegant look. It’s effortless to use, as there is no attaching or drilling hardware required for installation. It can hold up to 4 bikes efficiently side by side.

The adjustable arms keep your bikes from rubbing against the wall, being banged up, as well as hold them securely. It’s an excellent solution for your garage if you want to install a single, convenient central bike storage location.

Not only is this bike rack used for storage, but you can also use it to carry out bike maintenance and repairs. That is because it holds your bikes at the right eye level for viewing.

Its downsides include

  • It’s not compatible with non-standard bike frames.
  • It’s not entirely secure, as some bikes can be angled.

6. FLEXIMOUNTS 4×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

fleximount overhead adjustable ceiling storage: best bike racks for garage

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×6 storage racks are modernly designed solutions for storing bikes in garages. They are garage ceiling storage racks that have hooks for hanging bikes from the bottom to free up garage floor space. It has has a design attached to two studs.

This bike rack has an easy DIY installation where height can be adjusted and bikes distributed evenly making it great for,

  • Preventing bike cosmetic wear (rubbing)
  • Freeing up ground space by providing more air storage space
  • Ensuring the best safety for multiple bikes

The storage rack is stable and robust; it can handle up to 600 pounds. The wires and the frames are welded differently for sturdiness and stability. Its screws are of high quality, tested, and proved to offer exceptional performance and durability.

7. Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

It is a ceiling-to-floor rack. Despite being lightweight, it is secure for sustaining your bike and creates more garage space.

As for aesthetics, it is not very pleasing but does the job just right. The rack solution is a non-permanent off-the-floor solution. You can change the location easily at any time it needs moving. Moreover, it can easily hold two bikes. Still, if you want to improve its functionality, I recommend you install aftermarket kits that can handle additional bikes.

The fact that it’s adjustable makes it handle different types of bikes easily, an added advantage if you store various kinds of bikes.


The above-reviewed bike racks that will be best for you mainly depend on your storage needs and preferences. Each garage or family has different types of bikes. Thus, ensure you select what fits you best. Let me know the other storage bike racks that you think can work well for in-garage bike storage.

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