Best Garage Door Hinges – Review and Buying Guide

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So your garage door hinge just got broken, and you can’t open your door. That’s completely normal. After thousands of open and close cycles of your garage door, hinges deteriorate with time and eventually break. Often, they break as a result of less to no maintenance on your garage door parts. As durable and robust as they can be, certainly, they don’t last forever, and you are going to have to replace at least once, twice or even three times in your lifetime. On the flip side, there are equally good or even better garage door hinges replacement parts available for purchase. This is why I wrote this post – to review the best garage door hinges available.

Things to consider before choosing a garage door hinge

Before you select an option, here is a piece of vital information you need to know. Hinges on each section of the garage door are slightly different. From the bottom, the first section is #1; the second section is #2, the third section is #3, and so on. Most residential garage doors have three sections. However, for taller garage doors, you can have up to five sections.

The hinges on each section are different for this reason. The garage door tracks are much closer to the door frame at the bottom than at the top of the frame. The hinges that are higher than section #1 offset the roller from the tracks so that the garage door can sit appropriately when it is fully closed.

You might be wondering why is this information important anyway? Here is why: Garage door hinges are labeled based on which section it should be fixed. Hinges that are supposed to be set on Section #1 is labeled #1 or simply 1. In the same way, Section #2 compatible hinges are labeled #2 or 2, and so on. You get the picture.

Another thing to consider is lubrication. Since you’ll be replacing your broken hinge, you might as well take this opportunity to lubricate the rollers and ball bearings. You’ll have much better access to them when the hinges are detached from the door. Use a good garage door lubricant like the WD-40 garage door lube spray (Amazon) to spray the ball bearings using the thin hose that comes with the spray. Lubricate the hinges as well before you install them.

One more thing to note: the extreme top and bottom section brackets are totally different from the hinges. There are different parts altogether.

4 Best Garage Door Hinges: Reviewed

Based on my experience over the years fixing garage doors, I have relied on these four garage door hinges, and they always get the work done.

  1. Energy-efficient garage door hinges by Green Hinge
  2. National Hardware garage door hinges
  3. JGS garage door hinges
  4. Standard duty garage door hinges

Let’s take a look at each one of these and why I think they are the best out there.

Energy-efficient garage door hinges by Green Hinge system

You might be thinking why a door hinge would be described as energy efficient. I thought the same when I first discovered this product. Little did I know that this was going to be my favorite go-to garage door hinge. But first, let’s talk about build quality. The Green Hinge system garage door hinge is built to last. A 12 gauge powder-coated steel was used for this product. Looking at the thickness a 12 gauge steel is, this will take a very long time to break (even if that’s possible). Besides, the powder coating on its surface will protect the hinges against corrosion. The manufacturers are so confident in their product; they offer you a Lifetime Warranty.

What sets the Green Hinge system apart from all other hinges on the market is its energy efficiency system. Now let me explain. Have you ever noticed that even with a garage door weather-stripping seals installed, the wind gets inside your garage? Anytime the garage door gets pushed by a gust of wind or breeze, it leaves a space on the sides of the garage door, and this allows air, dust to enter your garage. Certainly, you don’t want this to happen, especially when you have a garage heater installed. That is because it will incur additional heating and cooling cost. And that is where the Green Hinge system comes in.

So how does it work? There is a spring installed in the hinge. This exerts tension on the garage door roller and tracks, thereby pushing the door tight to the frame and seals. It keeps the garage door glued to the weather-stripping seals at all times to prevent wind from entering.

This is a system that requires the replacement of all the hinges on your door for it to be effective. Perhaps you have only one or maybe two garage door hinges which are broken, but I highly recommend you take this opportunity to replace all of your other hinges with the Green Hinge System. It’s totally worth it. There is a four-panel garage door version (on Amazon) for garage doors with three sections. It comes in a pack of six hinges, three for each side. And there is also a five-panel garage door version (also on Amazon) made for residential garage doors with four sections. It comes in a pack of eight hinges, four for each side. There is also a more robust Green Hinge system hinges made for commercial garage doors.


  • Made with 12 gauge powder-coated steel for a much longer lifespan
  • Stops overhead door rattling and noise, so garage door operates much smoother and quieter
  • Spring system tightens the door to seal to prevent air, dust, and insects from entering the garage
  • Saves you money by preventing excessive heating and cooling costs


  • Green color makes it difficult for some people to identify hinge number

National Hardware garage door hinges

National Hardware is a very reputable company in the garage space. They are known for making high-quality garage door parts like rollers, torsion springs, cables, pulleys, as well as hinges. Their garage door hinges(on Amazon) remain one of the best in the market for these reasons. 

It is designed to work with any overhead sectional garage door. It doesn’t matter which garage door brand, or model you have, this hinge can replace the original hinge that came with the door. The National Hardware was my go-to before I discovered the Green Hinge System. Nevertheless, it still gets the job done.

It is made of heavy-duty steel. The manufacturer, however, didn’t specify the gauge of steel it is made of. Disappointing. To make this hinge corrosion-free, National Hardware used its rust-resistant technology known as WeatherGuard on this product. And for added protection, the hinges are also galvanized to prevent the surface from cracking.

National Hardware hinges are very cheap. You can purchase just one to replace your broken hinge. But whilst replacing all of your hinges may be unnecessary, I recommend you do that because the chances are that the other hinges have aged with time and are relatively weaker. Which means they can also break anytime soon.


  • The generic design makes it compatible with any garage door
  • Made with steel for improved strength
  • WeatherGuard prevents hinges from rusting
  • The galvanized finish gives extra protection
  • Every order comes with carriage bolts and nuts.


  • Very lightweight, not suitable for heavy usage

JGS Heavy-Duty garage door hinges

JGS garage door hinges (Amazon), undoubtedly, is one of the best options out there. Both professionals and handy homeowners love this product for obvious reasons. They are very durable and easy to install. Most homeowners, after replacing their broken hinge with JGS hinges, realize that the old one was not as sturdy and quality as the newly installed one. For this reason, this product has high ratings and excellent reviews on Amazon.

JGS hinges are made of 12 gauge heavy-duty. The thickness of the hinges makes it excellent for both residential and light commercial garage doors. I don’t recommend this for hefty commercial doors. There is a more robust option for more massive doors like the Green Hinge system commercial door hinge (on Amazon). For an added layer of protection, this product has a galvanized finish. This makes it resistant to corrosion. Don’t worry about compatibility because this works with most garage door brands and models.

Unlike the other brands discussed, JGS has listed its different hinges as separate products. So here is a link to the #1 sectional hinge from JGS (on Amazon), #2 sectional hinge (also on Amazon), and #3 sectional hinge.


  • 14 gauge of steel makes it more reliable and sturdy
  • The thickness also makes it excellent for both residential and light commercial doors
  • Galvanized finish makes it rust-resistant
  • Works with most garage door brands and models


  • I wish JGS made thicker garage door hinges for commercial garage doors

Standard Duty garage door hinges

As you may have guessed from the picture (and the name), this is the least strong of all the hinges we have discussed. It is made of 18 gauge of steel, which is the thinnest steel I have come across for making garage door hinges. This is not to downplay it or anything like that. It’s great for several reasons.

Standard-duty garage door hinge (Amazon) is an excellent choice for single garage doors. I prefer using these hinges on single garage doors because they are lightweight, so there won’t be much stress on them. If you use a double garage door, you are better off going for a hinge with at least 14 gauge of steel. Standard duty garage door hinges are also great for Fiberglass garage doors. If you already didn’t know, fiberglass is the lightest material used for the construction of garage doors. So for the same reason, there will be less stress on these hinges.


  • Works well with most garage door brands
  • Suitable for lightweight garage doors


  • Standard-duty means they are not suitable for heavy-duty doors
  • The thin nature makes it liable to break easily

Editor’s Pick

Although these are all excellent garage door hinges, there can only be one editor’s pick. And the pick goes to Energy-efficient garage door hinge by Green Hinge systems. Honestly, this product blows all other competitors out of the water. Not only does it have exceptional build quality, its functionality also cannot be compared to any other garage door hinge on the market.

Garage Door Hinge FAQs

Why do garage door hinges break?

The garage door hinge is exposed to mechanical stress and tension as the garage door opens and closes. The hinges get weaker with the continual operation of your door, and eventually, it breaks.

How much do garage door hinges cost?

For most garage door hinges in the market, they cost between $5 to $10 per hinge. However, the durable energy-saving garage door hinges by Green Hinge will cost you at least $99 for a pack.

What is the difference between garage door hinges

Every section has a different garage door hinge installed. The difference in hinges makes the door sit properly in the closed position. From the bottom, the hinges on the first section are labeled #1, the hinges on the second section are labeled #2, and so on. In case a hinge gets broken, make sure you get a replacement that is labeled as the broken one.

What gauge are commercial garage door hinges

For commercial garage doors, the recommended gauge for hinges is 12 or lower. That should be thick enough to handle the weight of the garage door.


I hope this post helps you in choosing the right hinge for your garage door. Replacing it should not be a problem at all if you know how to handle tools. If you are not confident enough, hire a garage door expert to get the job done for you in a few minutes.

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