Garage Door Repair Guide: Ways to Fix Annoying Garage Door Problems

garage door repair guide

Garage door repair information is something almost every homeowner looks for in their lifetime. We all face them one way or the other. Did you know that malfunctioning garage door is a leading cause of hospitalization of homeowners? Doors that are not functioning correctly also expose you to the risk of personal harm. Imagine arriving home late at night, and your garage door will not open. During the few minutes that you get out of the car to open the door, you stand a risk of being attacked by thugs! Heck, the most worrying part of it all is the fact that criminals can creep into your homes while you and your family are having a good night’s sleep. And your guess is as good as mine what will happen if they get that opportunity.

However, with a well-maintained garage door, you can avoid being late for appointments, and prevent all frustrations that come with a troublesome door. That is why we wrote this guide. To explain and assist you through the different ways of fixing garage door problems. And if you are good with tools, you’ll be able to fix it yourself.

Most of the time, we tend to forget about our garage doors. Not until it starts giving us problems, or it ceases to function altogether. However, you can always ensure that your door works as it should once you are aware of the warning signs that show you need to get your doors repaired. I’ve put together some signs and reasons why you may need a garage door repair.

Top Signs and Reasons Why You May Need a Garage Door Repair

1. Your Door Is Producing Weird Noises

It’s no news that garage doors make a sound when you are either closing or opening them. But if you have noticed your door producing unusual noises, it may be a sign. Funny sounds may point to a faulty opening mechanism. It could also be from rust railings and hinges. In case you notice weird noises coming from your door, you need to repair it as soon as possible.

2. Your Door Has Old Safety Features

If your door was installed a long time ago, it is advisable to upgrade and introduce some of the latest safety features. Over time, criminals have found ways of breaking into houses with old safety systems. Upgrading to the newest safety features does not only ensure your safety but that of your family too.

3. Your Door Has Worn Out or Broken Components

faulty garage door roller
A faulty garage door roller

If you have noticed that your door has worn out parts, you need to repair it as soon as you can. For example, you may see broken weather strips, worn out or cracked rollers, and chipped sections. Always keep in mind that all components of the door play a role in its optimal performance. If there are components that look like they need replacement, it is time to repair your garage door.

4. Your Garage Door Is Uneven

sagging garage door
Example of a sagging garage door

As a garage door ages, it can tend to sag a bit. This mostly affects homeowners with overhead garage doors installed. Sagging makes the door uneven. A sagging door is not only a safety hazard, but it also exposes your home to unwanted pests, insects, debris, and dust. Sagging can also affect the opening and closing mechanism of a garage door. And this alone can be very frustrating. Especially if you are in a hurry to get out of the house to handle important tasks, and you cannot get your car out of the garage. In case you notice this problem, you should make it a point to repair your door to safeguard your safety and avoid any hassle you have to go through.

5. Garage Torsion Spring Worn Out

Garage door torsion spring is a crucial part of any modern garage door. It helps keep the door balanced at all times. So these springs are always under pressure, making sure the operation of the door is functioning as designed. You do not want to see a torsion spring ultimately break before you think of a garage door repair. Because it can cause a severe injury to anyone close to the door at that particular time. When you notice your door malfunctioning, be sure to check the torsion spring if it is wearing off

6. Faulty Garage Door Opener

Sometimes it is not the garage door mechanism itself that is giving you issues. We are used to the idea of simply pressing a button, and the door will either close or open. When it malfunctions, most of the time, homeowners tend to overlook the electronic part of the door, which is the garage door opener. It might seem overwhelming to fix a door opener. While it might be difficult to repair it on your own, there are troubleshooting tips you can try out to get your door functioning.

7. You Have a Higher Power Bill

This is one thing a lot of people are not aware of. Well, let me save you some time and get straight to it. Did you know that a faulty garage door can be the cause of your power bill increase? Strange huh? Now let me explain. For example, if your door is not closing properly, cold air can into your house 24/7. And that will lead to high heating costs.

If you notice a sudden increase in your power bill, make it a point, check out your door for any faults. And if you find a problem, repair it as soon as you can. This simple fix can save you a lot of cash.

8. Repair Your Door If You Want to Sell Your House

As a bonus, let me add this one real quick. A faulty garage door can reduce your house value and lower your prospects of clinching a quick sale in the property market. Prospective buyers can be put off by a faulty door. Trust me; I have seen this many times. If you want to put your property on the market, you should seriously consider carrying out garage door repair. You don’t want to lose a prospect because of this simple fix.

A Guide on How to Handle Garage Door Repair

So you already have a malfunctioning garage door? Fret not; you are in the right place. Read on to know how you can handle repairs effectively.

The first step to fixing your door is to inspect your door to identify the particular problem that needs handling. Well, wasn’t that obvious? By identifying the problem, you will be able to understand the repair procedure that you should follow. Not only that, but it will also help know the tools you should get to carry out the repairs effectively. Go through our common garage door problems provided above, and then go ahead and inspect your door. If you still cannot find the source of the problem, I advise that you consider consulting an experienced garage door repair technician.

Before you attempt to repair your garage door, you should first find out if you have an existing warranty from your installer. This one step is important because if you have a valid warranty, a simple call to the installers will solve all your door problems. You may not need to go through the hassle of repairing the door on your own.

If you do not have a warranty, you can find a toolbox and carry out the following DIY repair tricks:

Check and tighten loose screws

man tightening screws
Man tightening screws on garage torsion springs

First, check the tracks and mounting bracket for your door. If you notice any loose screws, tighten them with a spanner. We often overlook loose screws, but if they are unattended to for a long time, it can cause damage. Loose screws can make garage doors to produce funny sounds. It also affects the opening mechanism. If you find screws that have loose threads, replace them with new and similar screws.

Check if the door is well balanced.

You should then check the tracks for your garage door with a level. You do this to ascertain that your garage door is level. Unaligned tracks may be the reason your door is not opening or closing as it should. If you find that they are not aligned, you should loosen the screws on the mounting bracket of the door while measuring the level of the tracks. When they are aligned, you can then tighten the screws of the bracket.

Clean hinges, rollers, and tracks

To make sure that your door operates optimally, clean the rollers, tracks, and other moving components on the door with some household cleaner. Your door may be malfunctioning because debris and dust have accumulated in the hinges, rail, and tracks.

Lubrication is key

garage door lubricant
Garage door lubricant

The opening mechanism of your door may be the problem because it does not have enough lubrication. Lubrication is an essential routine for any mechanical moving part. And we highly recommend you do this from time time, not only on your garage doors but every door in your home. Lubricate the garage door rollers on the door, hinges, and any other moving parts that require lubrication. It is also essential that you first dust and clean these areas before lubricating them.

We have a blog post reviewing the best garage door lubricants on the markets right now. Make sure you check it out if you’re looking for a lubricant.

Repair garage door rollers

After conducting the inspection and you realize you have worn-out garage door rollers, then the only solution is to replace them. Although we have a dedicated post on garage door rollers which I recommend you read here, here are the main takeaways:

Know the size of your existing rollers

This will come in handy when you are out shopping for the perfect garage door replacement. You find out the size by measuring the roller diameter and the stem length.

Purchase a long-lasting, durable, and noiseless option

You should buy garage door rollers, which can stand the test of time. Factors to consider when deciding on a roller include materials used for making it, the type of bearings used in the roller, and the maximum weight capacity of individual rollers.

The most standard material used for rollers is nylon. Nylon is known to last longer, is less noisy, and rust-resistant. There are several great rollers out there, but two of them stand out the most. That is the Ideal Security Garage Door Rollers and the Durabilt garage door rollers

Replace the rollers

After you purchase the door rollers, the next step is to replace the old worn-out ones. This is a simple task if done right, but it can be dangerous if you don’t know your way around tools. If that’s the case, then we recommend hiring a professional to fix it for you. Watch the video below to learn how to replace garage door rollers on your own

How to replace garage door rollers

Garage Door Opener Repair

As stated earlier, sometimes the problem is not with the door itself, but rather, the opener. Most of the common garage opener problems are easy to fix. You can save a lot of cash by not having to call professionals for repair services. Here are some of the most common garage door problems and the solutions to each:

garage door opener repair

1. Transmitter not responding

If the remote control transmitter fails to open the door, you can check the batteries first. It seems like a very simple problem to be true. A simple fact, however, is that the remote transmitter requires electrical power to “communicate” with the garage door opener.

To determine whether your garage door is still working, you can try to use the transmitter on your garage door. If it works, then you probably need a simple battery replacement. When changing the batteries on the remote transmitter, be sure to install them properly so that they won’t give you a false sign that something else is wrong.

2. Neither the wall switch nor remote control opens the door

There are also times when both the remote control and wall switch won’t open the garage door. In such a case, it might be that power has been disrupted in some way. The simplest solution would be to check whether the cord on the door’s power outlet is plugged in all the way. You might even want to unplug and plug it back.

If the problem persists, you’ll want to check the fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI that controls the opener circuit. If the other electrical circuits or lights in the garage are not working, you might want to reset the breaker or GFCI. At times, you might have a burned-out fuse and will need to replace it before switching the power on.

If the GFCI or circuit breaker keeps on tripping, that may be a sign of a short circuit in the system. In such a case, you want to call a professional so that they can determine what the issue might be. You should also call professionals if the garage door opener motor seems to be burned out and isn’t functioning at all.

3. Garage door reverses when closing

The garage door openers installed after 1993 have photo eyes that face each other directly and send an invisible beam to detect any obstacles that are in the path of the garage door as it closes. It’s a safety measure. It helps prevent the door from closing onto someone — for example, a person or item which is in the way of the door.

If the door lowers then reverses back to the rest position, it means that something is obstructing the sensors. The first thing you should do is visually inspect the photo eyes for dirt. If they are dirty, you should clean them carefully using a microfiber so that they won’t get scratched.

If the problem is not solved, check the alignment of sensors. The photo-eyes should be facing each other directly for the door to close without any issues. You can use a regular or laser level to ensure that they are pointing directly at each other. Once you’re done, test the door to ensure that it opens and closes usually. If there still seems to be a problem with the photo eyes, maybe it’s time to call garage door service professionals.

4. Garage door won’t close completely

If the garage door opener does not close the door completely, but the door doesn’t also reverse, it may be an indication of a problem with the limit switch. Your garage door opener has an adjustable switch that determines how far the doors should lower so that it can close completely. If the door is set to open too high, it more than likely won’t close all the way. To correct this problem, you have to turn the screw on the motor unit to adjust how far the door will lower when closing.

5. The door opener is running, but the door is not opening

There are times when you hear the opener running, but the door does not open. In such a case, the following might be the reasons:

• You should replace springs or cables

• The disconnect switch has been activated.

All garage door openers have a disconnect switch that comes in handy when there is a blackout. The switch makes it possible to manually operate the door in case of an outage so that your car won’t be trapped in the garage. If this is the problem, you can refer to the buyers manual for the process you should follow when disconnecting the switch.

Seek help or call garage door repair expert

garage door experts fixing a door
Garage door service experts

Keep in mind that sometimes, it can be tough to attempt some repair techniques. If you have a modern automated door that requires technical expertise to repair, it is always advisable to call an expert to carry out the repairs. Also, if you are not handy with tools, it is best to seek help. It could be a helpful neighbor who is good at handling tools or an experienced professional for garage door repair. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up causing more harm to your garage door.

Consider replacing your door

If you have an old garage door that is continually giving you problems with the need for constant maintenance, why not consider replacing it? Most of the time, repairs get the job done, and you are good to go. But sometimes that is not the case at all. It can be more harm than good when you keep repairing a faulty door. There are a lot of modern, hi-tech, and sophisticated garage doors that you can install and make your life easier. Sometimes, it is worth investing in a new door instead of continually patching up a malfunctioning door.

If you need to hire a repair technician, carry out an online search and find a responsive, affordable, and experienced repair technician. Ideally, you should hire a local professional who has been highly rated and positively reviewed by past clients.


In conclusion, when carrying out garage door repair, you should consider carrying out additional maintenance tasks that will add value to your property. For example, you should consider adding insulation to your garage door to improve energy-efficiency in your property and lower heating costs. You can also repaint your door to increase aesthetic appeal when repairing it.

At the end of the day, ensure you take proper care of your garage door if you want your living experience to be better, hassle-free, and more comfortable.

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