Garage Door Screen Cost (With 6 Examples)

garage door screen cost

Perhaps you came across a convincing article on garage door screens that makes you want to get one. Or a friend recommended them for you when you told him about your garage conversion ideas. Whatever the reason, you are finally convinced, and you want to take the next step. But how much do garage door screens cost? I did some research, and I’ll help you make an informed decision on which garage door screen is great for your budget.

Depending on factors like the size of your garage door opening, make, features, and overall build quality, the price of the garage door screen can cost you as high as $1800 for a premium build, permanent options, or as low as $50 for cheaper and temporal options.

As I mentioned earlier, different factors affect the price. Factors such as the size of your garage door opening, make, features and overall build quality dictates how much the screens are priced. We’ll break it down for you, and then discuss some of the most popular garage door screens available today with their prices. Keep reading.

Factors affecting the price of garage door screens

These are the factors you need to consider when purchasing a garage door screen for your home.

Garage door opening size.

The size of your garage door opening, undoubtedly, is something that will affect the price of the garage door screen. A bigger garage door opening means more material will be used in the construction of the screen.

In essence, a double garage door screen will be about twice the price of a single door screen made by the same manufacturer.


Sometimes you are not just buying a product; you are buying a brand.

Over the years, some manufacturers have become the industry-standard, when it comes to garage door screens. They have worked their way up, obviously, producing high-quality products, which are not only durable but stylish.

Because of their reputation, you are definitely going to pay a premium for such garage door screens.

However, if you prefer a less expensive screen, you would have to consider some of the lesser-known brands which are still working their way up. This might be a little risk on your end, but it can be worth it if you can get an excellent screen for less the price.


There are different types of garage door screens available, as you may already know. All of them come with unique features, especially their opening and closing mechanism. Some manufacturers use electrical components like motors to make opening and closing your garage door screen a breeze. Other manufacturers prefer the pulley system.

In essence, components used and the engineering involved in making these features affect the overall price of the screen

Overall Build Quality

“The higher the price, the better the quality,” you have probably heard of this phrase before. This applies to garage door screens as well.

If you want a garage door screen that is robust, has an excellent build quality and can last for a lifetime, you’ll have to be willing to pay a premium.

The choice of materials used for making garage door screens varies from every manufacturer. The more premium options are made with durable materials and specially engineered parts that make them last longer than their competitors.

This is not to downplay the less expensive options in any way because some cheaper alternatives are actually excellent for their price point.

Screenex Motorized Garage Screens – Average Cost: $1,543

Screenex has been around for a while, and they are not only known for garage door screens. They also make screens for windows, doors, patios, and more. 

 They make different kinds of garage screens, but their motorized screen is their top of the line product. With a push of a button, the screen will drop down to cover the garage opening, allowing air through the screen into your home, while preventing bugs and pests. And with another push of a button, the screen draws back in.

You’ll get their motorized garage screen in twelve standard sizes; however, you can still order for a custom size up to 16’ wide and 9’ tall.

Depending on the size of the screen, a Screenex motorized garage screen costs between $1191 and $1891. Find out more on their website

Lifestyle Screens garage door screen – Average Cost: $1100

If you have been researching a little bit on garage door screens, then you have probably come across the Lifestyle Screens garage door screens. They are one of the pioneers of garage door screens that set the pace for budding companies to follow.

For years, their design has been the standard that most businesses and homeowners prefer. And they don’t compromise on quality either. This has made them a very reputable brand in the garage door screen space.

The Lifestyle Screens garage door screens (on Amazon) acts as a second door and works with your existing overhead sectional garage door. When your garage door is fully opened, this garage door screen opens along with it, and it sits below and parallel to the main garage door. It is installed with its own tracks right below the existing door tracks.

Simply pull the screen down if you want to use them, it’s as easy as that. And so far, it is the only option on the market with a retractable human-sized passage door built into it.

They have different sizes, which will work with most garage door sizes, but you can order for a custom size if the standard sizes don’t work for you. Lifestyle Screens come in different colors and materials, giving you more options to customize your screen’s look.

Depending, on the size of your garage door opening, the Lifestyle garage screen can cost you between $985 and $1298

This is expensive compared to the other garage door screens on this list. Considering the fact it comes with its garage door tracks, specially engineered opening and closing mechanism, and overall build quality, I think it’s worth the cost. And this screen is built to last a lifetime.

Snap On Screens Garage Screens – Average Cost: $185

If you simply care about functionality, the Snap-On-Screen garage screens (Amazon) are a good choice for you. This product has no bells and whistles, but it works as you would expect any garage door screen.

The installation process is straightforward, and I think anyone can do it. Just as the name depicts, female Snap-On clips are fixed on the garage door header, and then the screen itself, which has male Snap-on clips, are attached to it.

To get it out of the way, you can simply detach it, fold it and store it in a safe place. Or you can roll it up and clip it up with a side-clip that comes in the package.

A zipper in the middle of the Snap On Screens garage screens can be opened from the inside or outside. It serves as a passage door. Honestly, that’s not the best passage door out there for a garage door screen, but it serves its purpose.

These garage door screens come in fourteen different sizes, so definitely, you’ll find something that works very well with your garage door.

The price of this garage door screen is between $88 and $277, and it varies based on the size of the screen.

Liveinu Upgraded Magnetic Garage Door Screen – Average Cost: $111

Consider the Liveinu Upgraded Magnetic Garage Door Screen (Amazon) as curtains. Because that is exactly what they are, but with a little twist.

The screens are attached to the header of your garage door, and it hangs just like a curtain would. However, there are magnets on the sides of the screens that make the screens latch onto each other to close.

I prefer this concept over the zipped passage door on the Snap On Screens garage door screen because you don’t have to squeeze yourself through a zipper. The screen will seal close as soon as you get out of the way, preventing bugs and pests from entering your home.

One drawback of this garage door screen is, unlike the Snap On Screens garage screen, this can only be installed outside of your garage. So passersby get to see it hanging outside your garage. This is not a significant flaw, but it’s something you need to know to make a purchase decision.

You’ll get the Liveinu magnetic garage screen in ten different sizes, and as always, the bigger the size, the higher the price. And the price ranges between $90 and $135

Just as the name suggests, this is an upgraded version of their first-generation magnetic garage door screen. The latest version has a fiberglass mesh which better than the old polyester mesh, and it doesn’t get deteriorated easily.

One thing to note: if you own a metal garage door, this will not be the ideal garage door screen for you. That’s because the magnetic will stick to your garage door when it is closed. This might cause problems when you are opening it. But for non-metallic garage doors, this is an excellent option.

PAuto-P Magnetic Garage Door Screen – Average Cost: $85

I won’t talk much about this product because it works the same way as the Liveinu magnetic screen. The PAuto-P Magnetic Garage Door Screen (also on Amazon) is the choice for a lot of homeowners because they are easy to install, gets the job done, and they are cheap too.

For $85, you get a two-piece garage screen made of high-quality fiberglass mesh. It has excellent reviews on Amazon, which shows how people actually like this screen.

The drawback of this screen is that it can only be installed outside of your garage. Also, a strong gush of wind can easily separate the magnets, exposing your garage to dust. So if you live in an area with harsh weather climate, this might not be for you.

MAGZO Single Door Garage Door Screen – Average Cost: $55

If you own a single garage door, the MAGZO Garage Door Screen (Amazon) might be the best option for you. This is a very minimalist garage door screen with no extra features. It comes as a one-piece garage door screen with no zipper. This means, when it is in use, you have to roll it up anytime you want to move in or out of your garage. In my opinion, that’s not a deal-breaker at all, for the price.

Which One Should You Buy?

If you like the ability to control your screen remotely, motorized garage screens are a great option. Also, it has a much cleaner look compared to the other screens mentioned here. Definitely, it all comes down to personal taste.

If your garage is used as an automotive repair shop, home office, or any form of business, it is worth going for the more expensive Lifestyle garage screens. They are durable and look more professional. You should definitely go for the Lifestyle garage screens if you also live in a coastal area like Florida or California. That’s because they are very sturdy and can withstand any gush of wind. If you also prefer how stylish aesthetically pleasing the Lifestyle screens are, go for it. They are, by far, the best garage door screen available anyway.

However, if you are the average homeowner who loves to relax in his garage sometimes, host parties occasionally in the garage, or anything of that sort, one of the cheaper options, like the Snap On Screens garage screens, Liveinu magnetic screen or even the PAuto-P garage screen will work well for you. Just keep in mind, not to go for the magnetic options if you own a metal garage.

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