Top 5 Best Garage Gym Flooring Options To Consider: Best Garage Mats

If you are planning to create a home gym in your garage, then this post is for you. This is because there are lots of considerations to make. Some include the essential garage gym equipment you need. Also which garage gym flooring options are best for you. This post will focus mainly on flooring for your home gym. However, if you’d like to know the best and essential gym equipment, do well to read this post. Now let’s get into it.

There are several different garage gym flooring options available, from gym mats to soft tiles or polyvinyl plastic. Let’s discuss some of the most popular mats used to cover garage gym floors.

Things to consider when selecting an option for your garage gym flooring

As there are several options for your garage gym flooring available in the market, and we forgive you if you’re confused about what the best option would be. Covering your garage floor with a mat will give you a better surface for working out on, rather than having a concrete floor. It will also make your gym safer and more comfortable for doing exercises such as sit-ups, yoga, or squats.

Type of exercises you are involved in

When deciding on which floor covering to use, you need to take into account what kind of workout you plan to do. Do you want a firm surface that will be great for running and doing other strenuous activities? Or a softer covering if you plan to practice sports such as judo. There are options for any style of workout.

Mat thickness

You should also consider the thickness of the mats. A standard mat is about ½ inch in diameter. In contrast, a thicker mat is ¾ inch and will be more heavy-duty and durable. Before deciding on the thickness, you should consider what you are using your gym for and how often you intend exercising.

Mat smoothness

When making a decision, you should also ask yourself the following questions. Do you want a smooth surface or a floor covering with grips to make it non slip? That is a crucial factor because when you’re involved in an exercise such as Yoga, the smoother options are better. However, for more strenuous activities, it is ideal for getting for your garage the type with grips. That will help prevent slip and fall.

Other purposes of your garage

Will your garage be used for alternative activities or just as a gym? If you intend turning your garage into a gym, it will be practical to choose a hard-wearing floor mat that can be there permanently. Maybe you’d also like to use your garage as a home office or children’s play area. For that, we recommend getting a mat or tiles, which is easily removable if necessary. It may be a mat that is put together like a jigsaw or one that can be rolled up and moved quickly.

Ease of cleaning

It’s also vital to consider cleanliness. Most garage gym mats can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Perhaps you want to be able to keep your car in the garage when it’s not in use as a gym. If so, you will need a heavy-duty, durable garage gym flooring that can support a vehicle. It will also need to be easy to clean and not affected by diesel spills.

Reviewing the Top 5 Best Garage Gym Flooring Options in the Market: Best Garage Gym Mats and Tiles

Based on the factors listed above, review and ratings from real users of the products, customer ratings, as well as an honest review from our partner review team, these are the best five garage gym flooring options. 

1. Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat

On top of our list is the Rubber-Cal Shark Heavy Duty Mat. Just as the name suggests, this garage mat is suitable for a heavy-duty gym. It protects the concrete of your garage from breaking. This is made possible by the thickness of the mat, as well as the material used.

The mat is made with 100% tire crumb, making it extremely durable and weather resistant. You’ll find it very hard to slip on these mats or even get hurt when you do. That’s because of its thick cushion. It also comes in different sizes, making it perfect for a bigger or a smaller space.

If you’re planning to install a treadmill, indoor cycling bike,
bench press, or use free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells, then the Rubber-Cal Tooth Heavy Duty Mat is for you. That’s because it’ll protect your garage floor from high impact

2. Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats Foam Interlocking Mats

best garage gym flooring

If you’re looking for a slightly more interesting interlocking floor mat, the Sorbus wood grain floor mats make a great choice. From a distance, your floor will look just like real wood, while also providing a fantastic, cushioned surface to work out on. 

A pack comes with twelve tiles, which will cover forty-eight square feet. Border pieces are also provided in each box so you can build up against your walls. The tiles have a waterproof finish and are non-absorbent. Which means they are also straightforward to clean.

3. Rubber-Cal Coin-Grip Flooring and Rolling Mat

garage gym mats

If you’re looking for a work out mat, which is non-slip, you should consider the Rubber-Cal Coin grip mat. This mat comes in a large roll that can be used to cover your whole garage floor. It is both functional and atheistically pleasing. This flooring is easy to lay, and it looks and feels very modern and sleek. It’s made from waterproof PVC rubber, which is hard to wear. The Rubber-Cal Coin grip mat is available in rolls of differing lengths.

4. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6’x8’x7mm for Home Gym Flooring

This extra-large exercise mat is perfect for all types of workouts. It has a smooth surface, which is made from dense memory foam for a soft and comfortable finish. A benefit of this mat is that its shock absorbent, which means that it protects users’ joints, it also dampens noise.

The Gxmmat exercise mat is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly material. This mat is also easy to clean and can be rolled up and stored if necessary. If you have a large garage gym floor, you can use two or more of these mats beside each other. The company that produces the Gxmmat exercise mat is so impressed by the quality, that they offer a lifetime guarantee. If you manage to wear your mat out or aren’t happy with it for any reason, then you can send it back for an exchange or refund.

5. MotionTex Treadmill Exercise Equipment Mat

MotionTex makes garage gym mats, which are a fantastic option for putting under your exercise equipment. It is thirty-six inches wide by eighty-four inches in length. The primary purpose of this exercise mat is to protect your floor while using equipment such as a treadmill. It will also reduce noise and vibrations caused by your garage gym equipment.

This mat is waterproof and non-absorbent. It is made from recycled PVC, which makes this mat very easy to clean. It also repels liquids such as sweat and water. 

The MotionTex mat has several safety features, including a textured top layer, which has created a non- slip surface. It also has rounded corners, which stop the mat from curling. That is an excellent feature because it reduces the likelihood that users will fall or trip on the mat.


Flooring is a crucial part of setting up your garage gym. If you want your workout to be enjoyable and injury-free, it is vital to have the best mat suitable for your type of exercise.

Editors Pick: Although all these flooring options are great, they can only be one editor’s pick. And I’d choose none other than the Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat, mainly because of how versatile and durable it is. I highly recommend this mat

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