Used Gym Equipment: 11 Places To Buy & Sell Used Fitness Equipment

If you are reading this, chances are you are planning to set up a personal home or garage gym. Or perhaps you are a gym owner who wants to close down or upgrade your equipment. Whatever the case may be for you, this article is for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about 11 places you can buy and sell used gym equipment, as well as tips and tricks to getting the best equipment for less the price.

Benefits of used gym equipment.

1. Affordability

The affordability is the key selling point of all used items. The most significant advantage of buying used gym product is you save on cost. New equipment is very pricey, and with used gym equipment, you could save a ton of cash.

2. Quality Assurance

Just because the gym equipment is not new doesn’t mean it is of low quality. For instance, let’s say you are in the market to buy a steel plate or a dumbbell. What could possibly go wrong with these pieces of equipment? They will still be as good as new.

Places to buy and sell Used Gym Equipment

I’ll divide this section into two: Place to buy, and places to sell. Please note that if a website appears in both sections, then they both buy and sell used equipment.

Where to buy used gym equipment

Here is a list of websites and places you can buy used exercise equipment

  1. Global Fitness
  2. Primo Fitness
  3. Buy and Sell Fitness
  4. Fit4Sale
  5. FitnessTrendz
  6. WeBuyGymEquipment
  7. CSM Fitness
  8. Fitness Brokers
  9. Johnson Fitness and Wellness
  10. Atlas Home Fitness
  11. Colorado Cardio

Where to sell used gym equipment

Here is a list of website and place you sell your used exercise equipment

  1. Global Fitness (Consumer and Commercial-Grade)
  2. Primo Fitness (Commercial-grade)
  3. Buy and Sell Fitness (Commercial-grade)
  4. FitnessTrendz (Commercial-grade)
  5. WeBuyGymEquipment (Commercial-grade)

1. Global fitness used gym equipment
Global Fitness Home Page

It is an online shop where you can easily buy used fitness equipment with an experience of over 20years. If you are looking to equip your apartment, a school, or a gym, Global fitness got you covered. They have a wide range of gym equipment from leading manufacturers. Most of the retailers in used gym products usually buy and sell these items. Global fitness offers product customizing services, which include adding logos or colors. They also provide gym equipment services, rental services, and their local technicians maintain and repair all your rental equipment at no extra charge.

Global fitness has a website that is very easy to use and navigate. In case you are unsure of something on their site, contacting them is quite easy. For anyone looking to window shop, this is the website for you. Every product has a price tag on it, ratings, and reviews. What I like most about the Global fitness’ website is that you can shop by brand. On the site, you get to see the popular products, new arrivals, and items on sale.

The checkout process is pretty standard. Once you identified the item to purchase, add to cart and proceed to checkout. I would recommend you ask for pictures of the item before buying. They offer delivery services, installation, and relocation services. Their products have a warrant.

You can locate Global Fitness in Gardena, California. They have excellent customer service and an impressive portfolio which is available on their website.

For Sellers

Global Fitness is a great place to sell your equipment. Unlike most companies, Global Fitness accepts both consumer-grade and commercial-grade equipment. This means you can sell equipment from home gym brands like Bowflex, Powerblock, CAP, and the like.

Fill a form on their website with all the necessary information and attach high-quality images of your equipment. They will reach out to you in no time. Here is a link to the form.

2. Primo Fitness, USA.

Primo Fitness Homepage

They have a website where you can search for whatever gym equipment you need. Primo Fitness USA is a platform where you can either buy or sell fitness products. They do have an array of fitness equipment from different manufacturers. In case you are not sure of what product to buy, they offer professional advice based on what you want to achieve, budget, and your home or garage space. In case you need your equipment customized in terms of colors or logo, Primo fitness is an excellent option for you. Other services they offer to their clients are installations, trade-ins, relocation, and delivery.

Their website is easy to use. All you have to do is key in the equipment you need in the search area. However, it is not the most user-friendly website. Once you select what you need, then you can add to cart and continue with the checkout. 

What I did not like about this site is that most of the gym equipment does not have a price tag, and in such a case, you have to call for further inquiry. Nonetheless, getting in touch with them is quite easy. One of the reasons I would recommend Primo fitness is their prices. You get up to 70% off the retail price.

Their physical location is in Santa Ana in Southern Carolina, where you can visit their showroom. Should you decide to visit their showroom, they offer exclusive offers to walk-in customers.

For Sellers

If you had a gym and you have intentions of closing down or relocating, Primo Fitness is for you. They buy only commercial-grade gym equipment. They usually buy in bulk from gyms. However, if you own a single piece of commercial gym equipment, they are willing to purchase it, provided you stay within the area of Southern California.

Reaching out to Primo Fitness to sell your used fitness equipment is a simple process. Prepare your list of inventory, the model of equipment and the quantity you have, and take high-quality photos of your machines. Reach out to Primo Fitness here

3. Buy and sell fitness.
Buy and Sell Fitness Homepage

It is yet another online store dealing with used gym equipment. They buy, refurbish, and sell old gym equipment. They pride themselves on selling quality items from an array of the leading fitness products manufacturers. Some of the other services they provide include; Gym Equipment Service, installation repair, and moving. However, these services are limited to Orlando.

Their website is easy to navigate, whether buying or selling. If you only need to window shop, this is an excellent platform. However, with some of the products, you have to contact the seller for the price. The upside of contacting a seller is, you get personalized attention, and there is always, and you could always bargain. They offer worldwide shipping services.

At the checkout point, you can either pay for the items or send a proposal to the seller, where they will send a counter-proposal that is inclusive of a shipping discount.

They provide the 30 days Labor and 90 Days Parts warranty unless otherwise noted. The warranty is valid starting on the date Buy and Sell Fitness ships the equipment to the buyer, and it is exclusive of normal wear and tear. I would recommend going through their terms and conditions before making any purchases.

For Sellers

In case you are a gym owner and need to sell some of the old gym equipment, all you need to do is contact Buy and Sell fitness. Take a picture of your equipment, determine a price you think is fair for both parties, and fill the form on this page

Once the negotiation is complete, they will send a team of highly trained technicians to remove the products. Once at their store, this equipment is then cleaned, refurbished, and serviced.

4. Fit 4 Sale
Fit4Sale Homepage

Fit 4 sale is both online and offline, and with over 20 years of experience. Their physical address is in Gardena, California. They have an in-house team that will advise you in creating your fitness center. Hence they are an excellent option for someone starting a home gym. Without the right flooring material, this kind of investment is more costly than beneficial. Therefore, getting the right flooring material and adequately installing it is crucial. Fit 4 Sale offers these services at a friendly price. I would say this is an excellent one-stop-shop for fitness products. They, however, do not have a variety of manufacturers.

Fit 4 Sale has a website that is easy to navigate. They have not indicated whether they buy used gym equipment; thus, if you are looking to sell, you would have to contact them. The website is excellent for shopping or window shopping to compare prices. Some of the items do not have a price tag, and in such cases, contact the seller. What I like most about this shop is that they have a very active customer service.

Instead of adding to the cart, you have the option to request a quote. In doing so, you give information on your location, financing, and intended use of the equipment.

5. Fitness Trendz
FitnessTrendz Homepage

It is an offline and online shop dealing in both brand-new and slightly used fitness equipment. It has an in-house team with over 35 years of experience. They not only do equipment customization but can also advise on how to customize your workout space. In case you live around Tampa, Florida, they offer excellent repair and maintenance services at a low cost.

Should you choose to buy from Fitness Trendz, they will offer delivery and installation services.

Their website is user-friendly. It is yet another excellent platform to shop or window shop. All their products have a price tag. Fitness Trendz deals with a variety of gym equipment manufacturers, and they have over 5000 equipment. One of the reasons I like about this shop is that they provide you with an in-depth product description. They offer worldwide shipping services. Fitness Trendz is a very competitive shop, and most times than not, some of their products are sold out.

It has a standard check out procedure and charges a convenience fee. However, should you choose to lease, Fitness Trendz has a monthly payment finance program that is pocket-friendly. The terms of the warranty are not on the website; thus, I would recommend you contact the seller before purchase.

For Sellers

FitnessTrendz purchases only commercial-grade gym equipment, so if you are a gym owner and want to upgrade your entire gym equipment, or closing down, FitnessTrendz is another option to consider.

Send them an email with the brand and model of the equipment, working condition, pictures of the machine, and your location. They will get back to you within 1-3 business days to negotiate on pricing. Once everything is done, they will send a team to pick up the equipment. Visit this page to get the contact information of FitnessTrendz

WeBuyGymEquipment Homepage

It is a purely online shop. It is very efficient and different from the fore mentioned shops. You can neither buy nor sell without registration. The registration is fast and easy. A registered buyer can buy used gym equipment in the USA, Europe, or the United Kingdom. What I like about this shop is that there is an application which makes it easier to trade. Just like eBay, buyers bid on the equipment which are on the platform.

Once a buyer wins the bid, they pay the site. offers relocation and delivery, as well. One of the benefits of this site is the competitive prices, and the downside is that you might lose a bid.

For Sellers

A registered seller will take a picture of the equipment they are selling and post it on the website. A team of traders who work around the clock will look at what equipment is on offer and place their blind bid via the platform. Any interested buyer makes a bid, and the highest bid wins. They report the highest bid to the seller, and should the seller be satisfied with the proposal, organize the payment and collection on behalf of the seller.

7. CSM fitness
CSMFitness Homepage

It is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of used commercial gym equipment. Their warehouse is over 100,000 square feet. They offer products from leading fitness equipment manufacturers. CSM is both an online and offline shop.

Their website is not user-friendly. However, you could check out some of the product prices. CSM fitness has every equipment you would be looking; therefore, I would recommend you visit their warehouses or give them a call. They offer worldwide shipping. I like how they provide a brief yet detailed description of the item. Checking out on the website is not straight ford; the terms of the warranty are missing on the site. Should you decide to shop with CSM fitness, I would recommend you call them.

One of their warehouses is in Kennesaw, Georgia, and the other is in Huntington Beach, California.

8. Fitness Brokers USA.
FitnessBrokers Homepage

It is one of the largest online and offline shops selling used gym equipment. They acquire their products from schools and gyms national wide. Fitness brokers USA can supply to a commercial gym or sell you one or several pieces for your home. They offer an option to buy the equipment ‘as is,’ or you can step it up and acquire the reconditioned equipment. The reconditioned equipment is so-called because they have no worn-out parts. The reconditioned equipment is dissembled, painted, reassembled, and then run and tested.

Nothing much has been done to the ‘as is’ equipment. Fitness Brokers have a website that is very easy to use and filter. Most of the products have a price tag. However, they do not have the option to ask for a quotation. They take 3-5 weeks to complete an order, which is a long time. They offer free shipping and local curbside delivery throughout New England on orders of 2 units or less.

All the refurbished equipment comes with a free 90-day warranty that covers parts and on-site labor. On the other hand, the serviced machine comes with a 30-day parts warranty. The Fitness Brokers offer an extended one and two-year protection plan at an extra cost. The warranty only covers the clients in the USA and Canada; the warranty does not include international clients.

9. Johnsons Fitness and wellness.
JohnsonFitness Homepage

They are both online and offline, with over 100 warehouses. Johnsons Fitness and wellness is probably the most convenient place to shop if you don’t like online shopping. They have a certified team that will take you through the purchasing process. It is crucial to note that they deal with both used and brand new fitness equipment. In case you buy the used fitness equipment, you stand to save up 70 % of the retail price.

On the website, they have listed all the warehouses and their addresses. Johnsons Fitness and wellness sell gym equipment from all the leading manufacture and just like their motto; if they don’t have it, it does not exist.

The checkout procedure is pretty standard. Johnsons Fitness and wellness also have an option for finding a store. I would recommend contacting the seller for warranty or any other information required.

10. Atlas Home Fitness

AtlasHomeFitness Homepage

This an online shop and offline that deals with selling used gym equipment for homes. This shop sells a variety of products ranging from treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical, rowing machines, power racks, free weights to rubber flooring, and much more. They have a showroom in Fort Mitchell, KY.

If you want to shop online, their website is friendly. When checking out, the number of equipment left from your selection appears on the site. When checking out, you have to contact the seller. Issues like; warranty, delivery, installation of the equipment are not on the website. Thus you must contact the seller.

11. Colorado Cardio.
ColoradoCardio Homepage

This shop based in Colorado, but you can still buy their equipment online. In case you shop at Colorado Cardio, you will save up to 70% off the retail price. They deal with a wide range of products from leading manufacturers. Other than selling gym equipment, they offer home gym design solutions.

The website is easy to use, and the checkout procedure is standard. I would recommend you contact the seller for the actual pictures before you buy. Colorado Cardio warranties all equipment sold into homes for 12 months.

Tips for buying pre-owned fitness equipment.

I have conducted thorough research on the equipment you need. New items generally have a standardized price. With used items, rates vary from one seller to the next. Thus you must go through all the available sellers and get yourself the best deal.

1. Only purchase products you have used before.

This may sound counterintuitive, but I would recommend against buying products that are new to you to avoid ending up with equipment you don’t use. Try the fitness product before buying it to make sure you are comfortable enough to use it regularly. Otherwise, should you buy any equipment you are not familiar with, you will feel frustrated and unmotivated to work out and could end up reselling.

2. Only buy from reputable brands.

As much as you are buying used equipment, don’t think you can’t buy brand name items. Most of the fitness equipment is electronics; thus, buying name brands will generally save you money in the long run. Most times than not, cheap products are of a lower quality, therefore not durable.

3. Wear and tear

Another essential factor to consider is the wear and tear. Yes, the fitness equipment is not brand new but only buy products with the least wear and tear. Thoroughly inspect the gym equipment to check for cracks, rust, or any other defects. If the item requires cleaning, painting, or a spare part, make sure the services are readily available and consider the extra cost.

4. Examine product before you purchase

Last but not least, do not buy items you have not seen. As a rule of thumb, to avoid falling into a scam, make sure you have seen the equipment and tested it before taking it home. You might be purchasing some of this equipment online. If that is the case, make sure the seller shows you enough photos before you make the purchase. That may not be the option, but it will definitely push scammers away.

Now you know what to do when you go out looking used or refurbished fitness equipment. Maybe you have plans of starting your new garage or home gym, and you are not sure which equipment to start with. We compiled a list of the essential gym equipment you need for your garage gym. We recommend you some time to go through the list. Now let’s continue.

Tips for selling your pre-owned exercise equipment

Before you start sending emails or upload the details of your gym equipment to the internet, these are few things you need to do

Check the working condition of your gym equipment

Make sure you plug the gym equipment in, turn it on to see if it works, and make notes of any faults you may find on the machine. You need to be honest about the product you are selling. People don’t mind buying faulty equipment and repairing it on their own.

Clean the equipment

Your gym equipment might have been in your garage or storage room for quite a while, and it has become dusty. Before you think of selling, you should clean it thoroughly. Try as much as you can to restore its look.

That will give an impression to buyers that it’s a well-maintained gear.


The point of buying used gym equipment is to acquire the product with the highest quality at the lowest price. The shops mentioned above offer quality used gym equipment at a reasonable price. Your choice will depend on the best price, preference, and location. Most provide the client with advice on home and garage gyms.

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