How to Add myQ Garage Door Opener to Step by Step Guide

So you just bought a myQ garage door opener, or maybe you decided to make your existing garage door opener smart with the myQ Smart Garage Hub. Excellent decision. Well, it doesn’t end there. The next step is to set it up with your existing smart home system. And in this post, you will learn how to add your myQ garage door opener to your account.

Although this post only focuses on adding a myQ garage door opener or a Smart Garage Hub to your account, these steps apply to all myQ devices such as the Smart Garage Camera (on Amazon) and Smart Door Locks.

To add a myQ garage door opener to your account,

  1. Connect your myQ garage door opener or Smart Garage Hub to WiFi, using the myQ appOpen in a browser and log in to your account
  2. Go to settings, located on the left side of the screen
  3. Under Automation Devices, select Liftmaster installation
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to setup Liftmaster Gateway
  5. Enter your garage door opener or Smart Garage Hub’s myQ serial number to pair the device with your account

You can use myQ’s native app to control and monitor your garage. However, linking your myQ garage door opener to your smart home system comes with more benefits. We’ll take a look at some of these benefits. I’ll also go through with you some information you need to have before you get started. And then, I’ll top it all up with a detailed, step by step guide on how to integrate myQ to your account. Let’s get started.

Benefits of integrating myQ garage door opener into

As I mentioned earlier, myQ has an app that you can use to control and monitor your garage. That is what many homeowners without a smart home system use. It’s an excellent app and works as it should.

However, pairing myQ with your smart home system offers you unique ways of controlling your garage door opener. What are some of these benefits?

Check garage door’s status

Let’s start with the basics. You can check the status of your garage door from the app or the IQ panel. Undoubtedly, you can do this within the myQ app, but having all your devices in a single, smart home app is convenient.

Open and Close Garage Door from app or with Voice Control

By linking your myQ garage door opener or Smart Garage Hub to your account, you can open and close your garage door from the app or an IQ panel, just like any other door you have integrated.

If you have Amazon Echo integrated into your smart home, you can control your garage door opener using voice commands. This is a feature you won’t get from the myQ app. That’s because Amazon’s Alexa is not natively supported.

Set alerts

Another cool feature you get with linking myQ to is, you can set an alert to remind you if you left your garage door opened. This is an excellent security feature, which I think a lot of homeowners will find useful.

Operate garage door opener with Geofencing

If you have geofencing created for your home, you can use it to control your myQ garage door opener. With this feature enabled, your garage door will automatically open when you enter a geographical perimeter set around your home, and then close when you leave that perimeter.

Include garage door in Arming and Disarming Schedules

You can add your myQ garage door opener to any automation that you have set up in your account. And that includes the arming and disarming feature. Meaning you can secure your entire home while you are away from a single tap on an icon.

Before we get started…

Here are some things you need to know

You can’t link the garage door opener to both myQ account and

One important thing you need to know is that you can’t operate your garage door opener in the myQ app and app. myQ devices are designed to have one host at a time. That could be the myQ app or any of the smart home systems that myQ has partnered with. You can check out the list of myQ partners in this blog post.

As soon as you link your myQ opener to your account, you can’t operate or monitor through the myQ app anymore, but you will have all those features in the app. Which means you’re not missing out on anything.

You will still need the myQ app to connect the garage door opener or smart garage hub to a WiFi, but that’s it.

Find your device’s myQ serial number.

You need to know the myQ serial number of the garage door opener or hub before you start. Many homeowners mistake the myQ serial number for the device’s serial number. Here is how to find it.

For hubs, like the Smart Garage Hub or Home Bridge, you will find it on the Quick Start Guide that comes with the devices. You can also check the label under the device itself. The serial number will be on it.

For myQ garage door openers, check the back panel. It has a lot of information about your devices, such as the model number, part number, mac address, and the myQ serial number.

Adding myQ garage door opener to account – step by step

Now that we have all the grounds covered let’s start linking your myQ garage door opener to your

1. Connect myQ garage door opener or Smart Garage Hub to WiFi

If you have already connected your myQ opener or hub to WiFi and can control it with the myQ app, then move to the next step. If that’s not the case, then follow the steps in this video to set it up.

If you prefer a written guide, then follow the guide below

  1. Download the myQ app from the App Store or Play Store
  2. Sign up for a myQ account and fill in all the necessary details
  3. Verify your account by clicking the link in the email sent to you
  4. Go back to the app and Log in
  5. Choose the myQ device you want to set up. In this case, it’s either a garage door opener or a hub
  6. Follow the instructions to configure your opener to work with the myQ app

Once the process is complete, your device should be connected to your home’s WiFi. You should be able to operate your garage door with the myQ app. Let’s move on to the next step.

 2. Open in a browser and log in to your account.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Open on your phone or computer’s browser. If you have access to a computer, I highly recommend you use that. That’s because the interface is easier to navigate on a computer than on the phone.

3. Go to settings

On the left side of the screen, click on Settings. This is the last option in the Menu.

4. Under Automation Devices, select Liftmaster Installation

Now scroll till you find Automation Devices section, and then “Liftmaster Installation.” It doesn’t matter whether you use a Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman, or a smart garage hub, this is the option you need to choose. It is not made for only Liftmaster openers.

Follow the instruction provided on the screen, step by step, to set up the Liftmaster Gateway.

5. Enter your device’s myQ serial number when asked

After setting up your Liftmaster Gateway, you will be required to enter your garage door opener or hub’s myQ serial number. Enter the serial number in the field provided and press Enter will attempt to link your myQ garage door opener to your account. If your garage door opener was properly set up and connected to WiFi, this should take a few minutes. Once this process is complete, you can control and monitor your opener from the app.


Linking your myQ garage door opener or hub to your app is an excellent way to improve your smart home and security. As I mentioned earlier, once you connect your device to your account, you won’t be able to control it with the myQ app.

In summary, connect your myQ garage door opener to WiFi, log in to your account, and go to settings. Under Automation Devices, select Liftmaster Installation. Follow the instruction to set up Liftmaster Gateway and then enter the myQ serial number when asked.

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