Garage Door with Man Door – Benefits, Types, and Cost

Perhaps the entrance to your home is inside the garage, or you have lots of stuff stored in your garage space, which you need access to most of the time. Whatever the case may be for you, getting a garage door with man door will come in very handy.

In this era, homeowners barely use their garage to store vehicles. The garage space has become a multi-faceted room. Some families turn it into a children’s playground, others turn it into a garage gym, some people also make it a home office, and others turn it into a storage facility to keep tools like lawnmowers, kayaks, bikes, etc. If you intend using your garage for any of the purposes mentioned, “Garage door with man door” is the best option for you. Some people call it garage wicket doorgarage door with walk-through doorgarage door with pedestrian door, they are all the same thing, and I’ll be using them interchangeably throughout this article.

So what is a garage door with pedestrian door?

Just as the name depicts, garage door with pedestrian doors is a normal-sized human door cut inside the bigger garage door to allow easy entry into the garage. It enables you to enter your garage without the need to open the entire garage door. 

The picture below depicts how it looks and works

garage door with pedestrian door
Photo: Hormann LPU40 wicket garage door

There are different types of wicket garage doors, and we’ll discuss them later. For now, let’s look at the benefits of this type of garage door as well as some drawbacks.

Benefits of Garage Door with Man Door

  • All that is required to enter your garage door is a key, just like any other door
  • If you have lots of things stored inside your garage, no passers-by will see them because the garage door remains closed, only the small pedestrian door gets opened.
  • Because these doors serve both as a garage door and a pedestrian door, there is no need for creating another entry. This means wall and floor space is saved, giving you more room to store items in your garage.
  • Power outages will not be an issue anymore because you’ll still get access to your garage
  • Walk-through garage doors have one remarkable safety feature, which makes it worth the purchase. Any burglar who wants to break into your garage or your home risks being seen, in full view, by road users, people hiking, or even neighbors. Another advantage is pedestrian doors opens outwards. This means any force applied on the door to break it further closes the door.

Besides these benefits are a few drawbacks. Let’s discuss them below.

Drawbacks of Garage Door with Man Door

  • The major drawback of this door is the cost of installation. Installing a wicket door on your pre-existing garage door can be just as expensive as installing a new garage door (without the wicket door). That is because it comes with additional safety features that prevent your garage door opener from operating when the wicket door is opened.
  • As beneficial as wicket doors can be, they are not compatible with every door size. It can be installed on door sizes of width 8ft and above. Rectangular doors also pose a restriction on the installation.
  • The energy efficiency of your garage door reduces as more openings are created on it. This is just a minor drawback. However, weatherproofing and insulation are vital to you, then look for a slightly different approach.

Garage Door with Man Door Cost

How much does garage door with walk-thru door costs?

Garage door with walk-thru door costs between £600.00 and £2000.00 and is equivalent to $790 and $2600, respectively. The price of the door depends on the material used, the size of the door, and the door mechanism required.

These garage doors range from low-end types, like the Fort Steel “Smartpass” Up and Over Door with Wicket, which costs about £624.00, to high-end models, like the Hormann M-Rib Sectional with Wicket, which costs about £1938.00.

Some companies prefer using steel to manufacture their wicket garage doors, others are experts when it comes to wooden doors. Bigger size also means more of the material will be used, which will then increase the price. The door mechanism also affects the price heavily.

Types of Garage Door with Pedestrian Door

Just as mentioned earlier, there are different types of wicket garage doors. They vary in sizes, material, and door mechanisms. We’ll look at some of the trusted brands of wicket garage doors, and the different models available.

These are the widely known most popular garage doors with pedestrian door

  • Hormann Garage Doors with Pedestrian Access
  • Fort “SmartPass” Up and Over
  • Cedar Door Bakewell
  • Silvelox Up and Over with Built-in Pedestrian Door
  • Rundum Meir Round the Corners Door

Now let’s take a look at each of these.

Hormann Garage Doors with Pedestrian Access

Hormann remains one of the world’s top manufacturers of garage doors. With years of experience in this space, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality and durability. They have some of the best garage doors with pedestrian doors in the industry, undoubtedly. These are Hormann’s flagship wicket garage doors:

  • Hormann LPU40
  • Horman N80 DF98
  • Hormann HST Side Sliding Sectional Door

Hormann LPU40

hormann lpu40 wicket garage door
Hormann LPU40 Wicket Garage Door

The LPU40 is by far the most popular and most preferred garage door from Hormann. This is due to its versatility, making it worth every penny spent on. It is stylish, very robust, and above all, extremely secure. The material used for the skin is steel and is double-skinned, which makes the LPU40’s insulation compared to none. 

The operation of this garage door can either be automatic or manual, meaning the door can be automated. Keep in mind that if you choose to go with automatic, a safety module for the wicket door must be installed. This means the garage door will fail to open when the wicket door is also opened.

Hormann N80 and DF98

The Hormann N80 and DF98 series of garage doors are designed to fit both residential and commercial purposes. The door mechanism is quite different from the LPU40s. That’s because this is an “Up and Over” garage door. One thing to keep in mind is you’ll need to have extra patience if you want to for this option. That is because they are manufactured from Germany after you place an order. So it’s going to take a while before you finally get it delivered. 

Hormann HST Side Sliding Sectional Door

Hormann HST Side Sliding Door

This particular door varies from the other Hormann garage doors discussed above based on its opening mechanism. They slide to the side of the garage door to open. To function as a wicket door, it opens partially. This means your garage will not be exposed to the driveway and passers-by. 

The door can operate with electricity or manually and does not require enough maintenance because of its build quality. If you don’t have enough space on top of your garage to install an overhead garage door, this is a great option to consider.

Fort “SmartPass” Up and Over

fort smartpass up and over
Fort SmartPass Up and Over

The Fort “SmartPass” Up and Over walk-through garage door offers the most competitive price of about £624.00, as mentioned earlier. That makes it the go-to for homeowners looking for a cheaper option wicket garage door. It’s a full-length door, and the maximum width you can get is 9 inches.

It also comes in 16 different colors, which makes it the only door in this list so many color options to choose from. Installing this garage door is extremely simple and can be done by anyone with DIY skills.

Cedar Door Bakewell

cedar door bakewell
Cedar Door Bakewell

These door manufacturers, Cedar, is a well-respected brand when it comes to garage doors. They are most famous for their wooden garage doors, and the Bakewell is one example. If your home has a more traditional look, a wooden garage door like the Cedar Door Bakewell will compliment it perfectly. The Bakewell is a high-quality door made of timber. It comes in a polished finish and will look great for years to come. 

The pedestrian door is found either on the left or the right side, and the door mechanism is Up and Over

Because this door is made from timber, a solid wood, and comes with a high build, this door can last a lifetime with less to no maintenance. Hardly will this door ever need a repair 

Silvelox Up and Over with Built-in Pedestrian Door

Silvelox Up and Over

Silvelox doors are compared to none when it comes to their wooden door design. The Silvelox Up and Over garage door comes with several models, and will not serve only as a garage door with man door, but contribute to your home aesthetics.

These doors are built in Italy with high-quality timber, so you are assured of a product with a quality build and attention to detail.

Rundum Meir Round the Corners Door

Rundum Meir Round the Corners

The company Rundum Meir has been in the garage door business since 1968. They are known for manufacturing both Steel and Timber garage doors, which are both stylish and quality. This model is called “Round the Corners” because the door mechanism and the door design makes it possible for the garage door to bend around the walls of your garage. 

This design of the door makes it perfect for garages with no headroom for the door, and not enough space on the sides for the door to slide to. Besides Round the Corners door, they also make sectional overhead doors as well as side sectional doors. Rundum Meir has other great products you might want to check out for yourself.

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