Wayne Dalton Garage Door Repair: Ways to Fix WD Door Problems

wayne dalton garage door repair

Wayne Dalton has been an industry-standard maker of garage doors and its accessories for so many years. They remain the favourite go-to manufacturers for garage doors because of their durable and aesthetically-pleasing residential doors. If you are reading this post, then you probably have one of these doors installed in your home and are experiencing problems with the door. If you are looking for Wayne Dalton garage door repair tips or service, then you are in the right place. So keep reading.

In this post, I’ll discuss the common problems with Wayne Dalton garage doors, as well as how to fix these issues, mostly on your own.

Common Wayne Dalton Garage Door Problems

Based on my experience as a garage door specialist, the more common Wayne Dalton garage door repair activities are on

  • Broken garage door spring, that is, the TorqueMaster springs
  • Broken garage door cable
  • Problems with garage door opener

We’ll look at every single one of them and discuss how to fix any issue on your own

Broken garage door spring

If your garage door spring is broken, all hope is not lost. In fact, it is a common issue that can be solved. Although it does not happen quite often, after years of using your garage door, the springs become weak and then snaps. The only way to fix a broken garage door spring is to buy a replacement spring, and then install it on your door. There’s no way you can repair a broken spring and reuse it again, sorry. 

Wayne Dalton makes replacement parts for every single element and accessories used on their doors, and the garage spring is no exception. Their garage doors use a particular type of garage door spring called the TorqueMaster spring. That’s the only option you need to buy if you have a broken door spring. They are of high quality and made by Wayne Dalton themself, so you are assured of getting a product as quality as the one that comes installed with the door.

How to Replace Wayne Dalton Garage Door Spring (TorqueMaster)

Replacing your garage door is a simple process. But if you have never tried your hands on a repair or any DIY project, and don’t know how to handle and properly use tools, I highly recommend you hire an expert. Garage door spring replacement is considered a dangerous task which may lead to a severe injury if the proper care and safety are not taken. 

Disclaimer: We’ll provide you with all the steps required to successfully and safely replace your Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring. However, keep in mind this is for education purposes only, and Garage Adviser will not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused.

Now let’s continue.

Follow the simple steps outlined in this video to replace your broken TorqueMaster garage door spring quickly.

The manual for replacing TorqueMaster springs, made by Wayne Dalton can be found here. You can print it out, and follow the step by step guide to safely replace your garage door spring.

Broken garage door cable

Replacing garage door cables is one of the most common Wayne Dalton garage door repair activities, just as mentioned earlier. The Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster cable plays a significant role for the door to function. It serves as a lift cable. This means the tension in the springs is reduced with the help of these cables. If you want to know the reason why your garage door cable snapped, and find ways of preventing it from happening, read this post.

Wayne Dalton makes garage door cables for their doors, just as sturdy as the original. No other garage door cable will work with your door, because they will not fit perfectly in the cable drum. So it’s essential to purchase the right cable for your door.

Replacing Wayne Dalton garage door cables is a little bit different from other garage doors. That’s because the spring is located inside the shaft above the garage door. So watch this video, and follow the steps on how to replace it correctly.

Garage Door Openers Problems

Sometimes the problem may not be with your door but the garage door opener. If you inspected your garage door and found no issues, then your garage door opener may not be functioning as it should. It’s time to troubleshoot your garage door opener. 

The first thing you need to check is your safety sensor kit. You want to verify if they are properly aligned. If they are aligned correctly, there is a red light on one of the pairs, it should be on, else you need to adjust the sensors, so they face each other. We have a well written, step-by-step guide on how to properly troubleshoot your Wayne Dalton garage door openers, which you can read here

Other Wayne Dalton Garage Door Repair Problems

Besides the typical Wayne Dalton garage door problems that we have discussed above, there are other numerous but rare problems that may hinder the correct operation of your door. Examples are problems with the garage door rollers, trolley arm bracket, and adjustable brackets breaking, pests getting access into your garage due to faulty weather seals, faulty safety sensor kits, among others. Read our post on Wayne Dalton garage door parts to solve all other issues related to the Wayne Dalton garage door.

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