Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Review – All You Need To Know

Wayne Dalton, undoubtedly, is one of the biggest household names when it comes to garage doors. With over 60 years of experience in this space, you know you can definitely count on them for reliable products. In this post, we’ll review some of the most popular Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers that was manufactured by the company.

Before we begin, this post is dedicated to the features and the functionality of Wayne Dalton openers. We have a dedicated guide on how to troubleshooting and fix the problems of Wayne Dalton garage door openers. Click here to check it out. Also, if you need any service support of these garage door openers, contact your local Genie dealer here. Genie now supports and owns Wayne Dalton branded garage door openers. Now let’s get into it. 

The four most popular garage door openers made by Wayne Dalton are:

  1. Wayne Dalton Prodrive
  2. Wayne Dalton Quantum
  3. Wayne Dalton iDrive and iDrive Pro
  4. Wayne Dalton Classic Drive

1. Wayne Dalton Prodrive Garage Door Opener

wayne dalton prodrive garage door opener
Wayne Dalton Prodrive Garage Door Opener

Wayne Dalton’s Prodrive garage door opener is one of the company’s most successful products. Depending on the model you have it comes in either a belt drive or a chain drive, and they are heavy-duty too. This means they have a much longer lifespan. Let’s talk about some of the features of the Prodrive series garage door openers.

Features of the Prodrive by Wayne Dalton

  1. The Prodrive is Z-Wave technology-enabled. For those who are unfamiliar with Z-Wave, it is basically a home automation system. With this technology, you can connect multiple devices which are also Z-Wave compatible together on the same network and communicate. For instance, if your home lighting is connected to the Z-Wave technology, you can set it up to turn on as soon as your garage door opens. And you can configure it however you want.
  2. Prodrive is also compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U®. Both of these technologies are similar to the Z-Wave but slightly different. HomeLink® and Car2U® are the two largest vehicle-based automation systems in the world. It allows you to control stuff like garage doors, gates, smart devices, thermostats home lighting and many more, all from your car. Car2U® offers the same thing. So Wayne Dalton is giving you options here.
  3. The motor inside this opener is well built, and the bearings are permanently lubricated. This means you don’t have to worry about greasing the bearings
  4. Overload protection is installed in the garage door opener. This is helpful in situations where the garage door is frozen. Now let me explain. When the door is frozen to the ground, the motor will attempt to exert enough force to lift the door. In this instance, it draws more current. That is where the overload protection comes in. It will simply disconnect the motor from the power source to prevent overheating. Else the motor will be permanently damaged
  5. The sleek housing of the Prodrive keeps the noise of the opener down, allowing for a much quieter operation
  6. Trolley automatically connects to the garage door after you have used the emergency release cord
  7. The opener is smart enough to notice any faults before or during the door’s operation. Then it alerts you with a flashlight.
  8. When the door is operating, and the power goes off, you can manually lift or close the garage door. Most openers don’t allow that.

2. Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener

wayne dalton quantum garage door opener
Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door Opener

The Quantum series garage door opener is what I will call the baby brother of the Prodrive. It has most of the functionality of the Prodrive with a few subtractions. However, it’s still an excellent opener for the price. Here are the features of the Quantum series garage door openers.

Features of the Quantum Garage Door Opener by Wayne Dalton

  1. One significant feature of the Quantum series garage door opener is the rolling code functionality. Any time you operate your garage door with the remote, the code automatically changes. This means an attacker who records your code in order to gain access to your garage will fail.
  2. The Quantum series garage door openers are HomeLink® compatible. HomeLink® is an excellent cho. However, there is no Car2U® or Z-Wave compatibility.
  3. Overload protection is installed in this device, and you know how crucial this protection is.
  4. Double-angle trolley rail assembly keeps the door smooth during operation, and they are galvanized too.
  5. There is a 2-button deluxe wall station that comes in the package of the Quantum garage door opener. Not only do they control the garage door, but they also switch on/off the lights in your garage
  6. In addition to the Wall Station is a 3-Button mini transmitter. And it can control up to six remote accessories, including your garage door.
  7. Shock-absorbing cushion arm is installed to make sure the door closes fully even when the garage operates in cold weather
  8. The quantum also comes with a security feature that alerts you when there is a fault detected. The type of error can be known with the number of times the light flashes. For instance, when the safety light flashes ten times, it means the safety sensor needs to be checked.
  9. Anytime you open the door, security light turns and remain on for four minutes so that you can have a clearer vision to enter the garage safely.

Wayne Dalton iDrive and iDrive Pro Garage Door Openers

wayne dalton idrive garage door opener
Wayne Dalton iDrive Garage Door Opener

The Wayne Dalton iDrive and iDrive Pro, in my opinion, is one of the most iconic garage door openers ever made. I haven’t seen any garage door opener on the market that looks and works the same as these two models. And it comes with some unique feature which is not found in the Prodrive and Quantum series. So what are the features of the iDrive and iDrive Pro?

Features of iDrive and iDrive Pro by Wayne Dalton

  1. iDrive garage door openers open much faster than other garage door openers on the market, due to its design
  2. It has a soft start/stop control, which makes the door operates smoothly and gently. So if you want to reduce wear and tear of your garage door, this is a feature you’ll appreciate.
  3. Also on the deluxe multi-function wireless station is a pet button. That makes it possible to open your garage door just enough for your pet to enter or exit the garage. Really cool.
  4. Another great feature of the iDrive is the Automatic Travel Limit feature. The opener detects any changes in weather, temperature and floor changes, and then adjusts the travel limit of the opener. Unlike other garage door openers, you don’t have to fix it yourself
  5. This opener is also compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U® system and accessories. So you have more options to choose from. Z-Wave is available on the pro version
  6. The iDrive operates much quieter than other garage doors. That’s because it is not attached to the ceiling. So there is no vibration whatsoever in the roof which usually generates noise
  7. They also provide a much cleaner look in your garage
  8. The emergency release handle is on the side of the door rather than the middle. That is a convenience because it doesn’t get in the way of SUV’s or big vans
  9. When you use the door closing delay button, you have 10 seconds to leave the garage before the door closes. I think this is a handy feature
  10. The opener also actively senses the position of the door. It detects an obstruction very fast and initiates a reversal when the need arises.

iDrive Pro Features only

Here are some features exclusive to the pro version of the iDrive.

  1. They can lift more massive garage doors.
  2. Faster than the base version, with inbuilt speed ramp that allows for soft start and stop
  3. As mentioned earlier, in addition to HomeLink® and Car2U®, they support Z-Wave as well.
  4. It also has a longer lifespan than the base version. This is due to improvements made in the motor, gear and gear case.

Wayne Dalton Classic Drive Garage Door Openers

wayne dalton classic drive

The Classic Drive just as the name depicts, is one of the earliest garage door openers made by Wayne Dalton. They had some okay features during that time, but they are not so cool for this era. For this article, here are the features of the classic drive.

Features of the Classic Drive by Wayne Dalton

  1. They work with all HomeLink® compatible devices
  2. This drive also comes with the Rolling code technology. This means, there is no way a code-grabber can get access to your garage
  3. There are independent force adjustment buttons on the device. If your garage door needs more energy to push through, just crank it up a little.
  4. It also comes with a safety light that alerts you of anything in the way of the garage door.

As you can already tell, these are features found in all of the different series of garage door openers made by Wayne Dalton.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Accessories Review

We have a dedicated post on all the parts and accessories made for Wayne Dalton garage doors and openers, you can find it here. These are parts and accessories made by Wayne Dalton company so you are assured of a high-quality product if you are looking for a replacement part. However, since this post is dedicated to Wayne Dalton door openers, it’s worth mentioning their accessories. So let’s get into it.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Remote

The Wayne Dalton garage door opener remote weight 1.6 ounces and is 5.2*3.7*1 inches in dimensions. It uses one lithium metal battery, and they come two in a package. A visor clip is also included in the package. When you get the remote, ensure to purchase the batteries as well, because it does not come included in the box. Before you buy this remote, do well to compare it to the previous one you had and make sure they match. Else it might not work as desired.

Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry Keypad

The keyless entry keypad weighs 0.32 ounces and is 7.3 *3*1.2 inches in dimensions. It uses one 9V battery, and the battery cell type is NiCAD, keep that in mind when you’re purchasing the battery. You need to note that it will not come with the batteries, so you have to get the batteries for yourselves. 

Wayne Dalton Wired Wall Station

If you are comfortable with a wired system and don’t have the need for a remote opener, this is the perfect solution for you. It could also serve as a backup for situations where your remote doesn’t function. This wall station also does not require any batteries. This is a plus for anyone who prefers using electricity for their openers. It has two buttons and is a walls stations for 372 MHz. 

More Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Parts


When it comes to your garage and the safety of your car, you cannot gamble on the quality of your door and opener. By choosing Wayne Dalton for your home, you are sure you have the best for your home. Their years in experience speaks for them as you can get enough reviews on their products online. You are also assured that you will get the best for your home as they work well for many homeowners for years without any complaints. 

Some of the things you need to look at to help you choose the best opener for your garage is the complexity of the design, the type of battery they use and the type of garage door you have in your home.

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