Wayne Dalton Garage Door Parts: Complete List and Buying Guide

wayne dalton garage door parts

Wayne Dalton is undeniably one of the more popular garage door companies on the market today. With over 60 years of experience in the garage door business, it has become the go-to for most homeowners and real estate firms for their houses. If you are reading this post, chances are you have one of the several types of Wayne Dalton doors fixed on your garage, or you own a garage door opener made by Wayne Dalton. Regardless of the high-quality products they make, Wayne Dalton garage door parts have a lifespan, and when they get damaged, you have to replace them.

That is why we wrote this post. To review and discuss all the available garage door parts available on the market made explicitly by Wayne Dalton. Here is a list of all the Wayne Dalton garage door parts available today:

Most of these parts are essential for the garage door to function correctly. Others are optional. An example is the garage door remote. Now let’s discuss each of the Wayne Dalton Garage door parts in detail.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Replacement Springs

It is by far the most vital part of the garage door. The garage door spring is responsible for the smooth up and down movement of the door. A typical garage door weighs about 70 pounds, and the garage door spring carries most of the weight. The TorqueMaster replacement springs are made specifically for the TorqueMaster One and TorqueMaster Plus garage doors, which are the most popular garage doors made by Wayne Dalton. The garage spring can be found inside the shaft of your garage door. So to verify if the springs are broken, you need to take the shaft down and then remove the spring. If you noticed your garage door spring is broken, then consider purchasing this. 

But before you place an order, there are two pieces of information you need to know.

  1. Height of garage door
  2. Weight of garage door

Whether you own the TorqueMaster One or Plus version

It’s essential to input the right specification before you place the order. This will enable the manufacturer to ship the right product to you.

After you purchase the replacement spring, read this post on how to replace it. It’s simpler than going through the entire manual

Cable Drums for Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster One and TorqueMaster Plus

If you look at the shaft of your garage door, at both ends, you’ll find the cable drums. The primary function of the cable drums is to help keep the door balanced. And just as the name implies, the cable drum serves as a barrel for the garage door cable. Replacing the TorqueMaster Cable Drums is not a difficult task, but you have to follow the procedure just as described in the manual. Purchasing this option from Amazon means you’ll save some cash on Garage door cable. Because it comes with the package

Garage Door Cable for Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Doors

The garage door cable is crucial for the operation of the door. It is the primary tool responsible for lifting your garage door or dropping it down. It is able to do that with the help of the TorqueMaster spring. If your garage door fails to lift, your garage door cable is one of the first things to inspect for damages. This version made by Wayne Dalton is suitable for 7′ and 8′ garage doors. Replacing it shouldn’t be a ton of work if you are handy with tools and know-how it operates. Here is a guide on how to safely replace your garage door cable

Wayne Dalton Trolley Arm Operator Bracket

The trolley arm operator bracket can be found on top of your garage door. And it is attached to the middle section. It fit perfectly on the “male” section on top of the door. Common problems of the trolley arm are, firstly, it can detach from the frame it is attached. When that happens, you don’t need to buy a new one. You simply need to fix it back with screws.

The second problem is the trolley getting broken. This is when you need to purchase a brand new trolley arm operator bracket. Wayne Dalton has made a manual on how to replace the trolley arm, which can be found here.

Wayne Dalton Adjustable Operator Bracket

Most general garage door opener brackets have a limited lifespan. Due to its design, it gets broken or snaps from the garage door panel, after some years of usage. This means your garage door opener will not have a grip on the door; hence the door won’t open. The all-new Wayne Dalton adjustable operator bracket solves that problem. It attaches to the top of the door, as shown in the photo below, just beneath the trolley arm bracket.

Its design makes it compatible with different section lengths — this version. A high-quality OEM lubricant is included in the package as well. 

Wayne Dalton Factory Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

One thing that helps secure your garage from unwanted pests, harsh weather conditions, dust, and debris is the Bottom Weather Seal. It is fixed beneath your garage door frame and fills any space beneath the garage door when it is closed. The Factory Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal comes in different sizes and width, based on your garage door. They come in size 8′, 9′, 12′, 14′, 16′ and 18′. Before you order, ensure you know the width of your garage door.

The garage door bottom weather seal one of the simplest Wayne Dalton garage door parts to replace, from my experience. Below is a step-by-step video guide on how to replace your garage door seal.

How to Replace a Garage Bottom Weather Seal

Safety Sensor Kit for Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers

The safety sensor kit is a must-have for every home. It prevents your door from closing when there is an object beneath the garage door. This device prevents a lot of accidents which could be caused by your garage door. 

Before you think of purchasing a Wayne Dalton safety sensor kit, there are few checks you need to perform on your pre-existing one to confirm it’s damaged. First, you have to check if the sensors are connected to a power source. The wires connecting your sensors might be broken. Secondly, you need to check if the two sensors are facing each other. If the red light on the receiver is on, it means they are correctly aligned. If none of the fixes solved the issue, then they are damaged, and you need to replace them.

The Wayne Dalton garage door opener safety sensor kit works for all Wayne Dalton openers, and other third party garage door openers as well.

Wired Wall Station Control for Wayne Dalton Door Openers

This is a simple and straightforward product that performs one thing. To open and close your garage door. It is a two-button device. One of the buttons controls the open and close functionality of the garage door opener, and the other is for the opener lighting. Another advantage of the Wayne Dalton wired wall station is, there’s no need to buy batteries because it’s a wired system. This could save you a few bucks per year.

Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry Keypad Devices

These are flagship Wayne Dalton devices. They are primarily used for opening and closing garage doors. The main difference between the Keyless Entry device and the Wired Wall Station device is

  1. Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry is wireless; Wired Wall Station isn’t
  2. Your garage door is password-protected with the Keyless Entry; Wall Station is not password protected

This makes the Keyless Entry the best option for most homeowners. It connects to your garage door opener wirelessly. This means the device requires batteries to function. There are four main models of the Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry. They are:

  1. Wayne Dalton KEP-IV Wireless Keyless Entry
  2. Wayne Dalton KEP-2 Keyless Entry
  3. 5-Button Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry
  4. 303Mhz Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry

Before you place an order on any of these devices, ensure it matches the frequency of your garage door opener. There are two main frequencies used for Wayne Dalton and other garage door opener manufacturers. These are 372Mhz and 303Mhz.

Another thing to consider is the models of openers it supports. Do well to check the description of the devices to find out if your garage door opener’s model is part of the list. One more thing, if you already owned a Keyless Entry, to make your job simpler, purchase the type that looks the same as the one you own.

We have a detailed guide on how to program the keyless entry devices to work with your garage door opener, which you can find here.

Wayne Dalton KEP-IV Wireless Keyless Entry

This keypad is the latest addition to the Wayne Dalton keypads. It works with only 372Mhz drives and garage door openers. One outstanding feature is, it can control multiple drives and garage door openers all at the same time.

Pay attention to this part. When it comes to compatibility, this keypad works with all models of the Wayne Dalton iDrive and Prodrive openers. So if you own an iDrive or Prodrive device, then you are in luck. If you own a Wayne Dalton Classic Drive, this keypad works with these specific models: 3014, 3018, 3018DLX, 3514, 3522, 3522DLX. If your drive is a Wayne Dalton Quantum drive, then the KEP4 is compatible with the following models: 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414. It also works with Wayne Dalton Doormaster BDOR-2000 models. The type with the yellow antenna

Wayne Dalton KEP-2 Keyless Entry Keypad

The Wayne Dalton KEP-2, although discontinued, you’ll still find some available on Amazon and eBay. The KEP-2 has been replaced with the KEP-IV model. So if you owned a KEP-2 and it’s damaged, rest assured that the KEP-IV Keyless Entry will work correctly with your garage door opener. When it comes to compatibility, it works with all models supported by the KEP-IV.

5-Button Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry

The Wayne Dalton 5-Button Keyless Entry has a design inspired keyless vehicle entries. It comes packed with some cool features, including the compatibility with Homelink, a vehicle-based wireless control system. This means if you own an automobile, which is Homelink compatible, you can open your garage door from your vehicle’s dashboard. This device works with only 372Mhz garage door openers. It is also weatherproof and works with multiple garage door openers at the same time.

When it comes to compatibility, this device works with all models of iDrive, Prodrive, Doormaster, as well as all classic models. It also works with a few select Wayne Dalton Quantum models with the following model numbers:  3214, 3314, 3316, 3414.

303Mhz Wayne Dalton Keyless Entry

If you own a 303Mhz Wayne Dalton garage door opener, then you’re in luck because this Keyless Entry keypad is compatible with your device. It has a backlit keypad and capable of operating up to four garage door openers at a time.

It is compatible with all Classic Drive with 303 Mhz of frequency, as well as the following models: 3012, 3016, 3512.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Remotes

Wayne Dalton garage door remotes come in very handy in situations where you don’t want to get off your vehicles before you open your garage door. Although it is not a must-have, it saves you the hassle of getting off your car, enter a pin code for your garage door to open, and then driving inside your garage. The convenience it provides makes it worth the purchase.

There are two primary Wayne Dalton garage door remotes.

  1. 372Mhz Wayne Dalton Remote Controller
  2. 303Mhz Wayne Dalton Remote Controller

372Mhz Wayne Dalton Remote Controller

Just as the name depicts, this remote controller is compatible with only 372Mhz garage door openers from Wayne Dalton. It is capable of operating up to six different garage door openers at a time, and also compatible with HomeLink. The package comes with a visor clip, which is useful for clipping your remote to your car’s dashboard. It comes with batteries in the box as well.

This remote controller is compatible with all Wayne Dalton iDrive models. Also compatible with the Quantum models3214, 3314, 3316, 3414. When it comes to the Prodrive model, the 372Mhz Wayne Dalton Remote Control works with these specific models: 3660-372, 3661-372, 3662-372, 3663-372, 3760-372, 3751-372, 3651-372, 3750-372, 3790-372, 3790-Z. It is also compatible with a few Classic Drive models like the 3014, 3018, 3018DLX, 3514, 3522, 3522DLX. If you own a Doormaster BDOR-2000 with yellow antenna wire and 372Mhz of frequency, you can use this remote as well.

303Mhz Wayne Dalton Remote Controller

This remote controller works with 303Mhz garage door openers from Wayne Dalton. It is capable of controlling three garage door openers at a time. The packaging also comes with a visor clip and a battery.

This remote works with all garage door openers with 303Mhz frequency. If you don’t know the frequency of your garage door opener, don’t worry, I’ll show how to find the frequency of your opener in the FAQ section of this post

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Parts FAQS

How do I find the model of a Wayne Dalton garage door opener?

There is a silver sticker located at the back of every Wayne Dalton garage door opener. The model number can be found written on it.

How to find the frequency of a Wayne Dalton garage door opener?

To determine the frequency of your garage door opener, check the antenna wire. If your antenna wire color is green, white, or black, the frequency is 303Mhz. But if the color is yellow, the frequency is 372Mhz.

How much do Wayne Dalton garage door parts cost?

The price of Wayne Dalton parts varies based on the function it performs. But generally, they cost between $10 and $120

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